(1) Participants should register early on the day of the competition, the organizer will distribute uniforms and admission card to the participants.
(2) All participants must wear the designated clothing of the conference before they can enter the competition and awards venue.
(3) Participants participate in the competition with the participation card, please keep it properly as it will not be reissued, so as not to lose their qualifications. The trophy can only be collected on the same day, and will not be reissued after the competition.
(4) On the day of the competition, all contestants must compete within the specified time, otherwise they will be deemed to abstain.
(5) Participants are required to check their information to confirm that the candidate number and English name are correct.
(6) Abacus are allowed when answering, but you are not allowed to use computers, mobile phones and other tools.
(7) Do not open the competition paper until the invigilator instructs you to start answering.
(8) Only answer with 2B pencil. Answers must be clearly written. If the handwriting is too scribbled and cannot be read by the judges, it will be regarded as a wrong answer; if there are two answers to a question, it will be regarded as a wrong answer as well.
(9) There's no refund and cancellation once registered
(10) The organizer reserves the right to re-examine students before deciding whether to grant official status to their score.
(11) If there are any unsatisfactory matters, the organizer retains the right to make any amendments, and the participants shall not have any objection.